Hellmich systems for flue gas cleaning and dedusting ensure clean air in industrial production around the globe - for the ceramics industry and other sectors. Hellmich GmbH has been supplying innovative, professional, state-of-the-art dedusting and flue gas cleaning systems worldwide for over 50 years - all made in Germany.

Flue gas cleaning

We have been dealing with flue gas cleaning and heat recovery in industry since 1983. At Hellmich, we know the costs and problems that aggressive gases cause to operating equipment and the environment.

Dedusting technology

Hellmich has been dealing with dust and its removal since 1963. We are familiar with the problems of dust formation in production facilities and on machines and know what problems dirty operating rooms and production facilities cause and know ways of cleaning large areas and machines or extracting dust from belt transfers.

Pipelines / Apparatus engineering

In addition to the dedusting and flue gas cleaning systems, Hellmich offers a comprehensive all-round service. In addition to the actual system, our extensive range of products includes the entire peripheral equipment from the connection point to the chimney or exhaust air pipe, as well as equipment that complements the system and its performance.