The 360° system. From planning to commissioning

Hellmich supplies all the necessary system components for flue gas cleaning and dedusting technology. From planning to production and commissioning of the system, the customer receives everything from a single source.


Specialist consultants with a high level of expertise and years of experience plan the systems in consultation with the customer. Over 60 years of experience.


The design department implements systems for flue gas cleaning and dedusting technology down to the smallest detail. Precise specifications for production determine the quality of the products.


With in-house production, Hellmich has control and influence over the quality and punctual realization of the systems at all times.

Metal construction

The know-how of the employees and modern machinery make metal construction one of the top departments in the company.


The big moment: The systems are commissioned by the Hellmich specialists.
So that the air stays clean.

Final assembly / quality assurance

Final assembly on site brings all components into their final position. Components are precisely integrated into existing systems. Hellmich attaches great importance to professional quality assurance measures.


The safe transportation of the systems all over the world is guaranteed by long-standing partners who know what is important with Hellmich products.


Hellmich fitters travel a lot and all over the world. The systems or components are installed on site. The team is also responsible for repairs and maintenance.