Dedusting technology | kiln car cleaning


Dust and dirt in operating rooms, on machines and at belt transfers not only cause high maintenance costs but, in the worst case, even production downtimes. They also require sophisticated systems for prevention and elimination.


Experience and know-how allow us to supply dedusting technology from a single source and offer customers a comprehensive service.


EED - Single deduster

Our EE-D single deduster can be used anywhere where there is only a limited number of dust sources to be cleaned.

HKD III - Dedusting facility

The Hellmich HKD III inline filter plant is a fully automatic and continuously operating dedusting facility. It can be used to simultaneous dedusting of several dust sources.

HS-D - Central vacuum cleaner

The facility has a particularly high suction performance and easily removes a wide range of materials from quartz sand up to cocoa beans. This allows working areas or other soiled areas to be quickly and simply cleaned.

SAF - Silo add-on filter

The fan with three-phase motor is mounted on top of the filter housing. The unit contains several filter hoses which are made of different materials depending on the dust composition, and each connected to form one group.

TOW - Automatic tunnel kiln car cleaning

The dust extraction equipment allows the viaduct or hollow blocks and the tunnel kiln wagon plateau to be cleaned of dust and broken brick pieces so that its service life is considerably increased, and so that product quality is raised.