Pipelines, apparatus engineering, chimneys

We can deal with everything you need in the flue gas cleaning and dedusting engineering sectors.

We fabricate pipelines in boiler pipe or sheet steel pipelines up to a diameter of 2200 mm.

The functional principle

We can also manufacture all pipeline components from A to Z for you, whether in wall thicknesses of 5 mm or fittings such as bends, connecting pieces or cones, throttle valves, stop valves or rectangular ducts. In doing so, all working operations from measurement through engineering up to fabrication and assembly will be carried out by qualified employees.

We can deliver chimneys as double-walled, single-walled or even divided versions, and we produce cyclones in all possible variations. We offer tried-andtested and inexpensive solutions which have all been put into practice many times for the entire periphery around flue gas cleaning or dedusting equipment.

Hellmich fabricates in our own workshop allowing us to react flexibly and quickly and fulfil almost all customer requirements. A smooth erection sequence is guaranteed by our committed and experienced assembly team.


  • Measurement, fabrication and  assembly from under one roof
  • Rapid implementation of customer  requirements
  • Huge manufacturing spectrum

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