WT - Heat exchanger / heat recovery

In a manufacturing operation, the energy costs play an increasing role.

We at Hellmich have developed a heavy duty, low maintenance system for recovering heat from thermal processes so that you can lower your heat energy costs.

Application area

Lowering heat energy costs through heat recovery from thermal processes.

The functional principle

The flue gas air heat exchanger works on the cross and counterflow principle. Flue gases flow through right-angled tubes built into the exchanger block, and in doing so pass their heat energy to the cold air flowing in the opposite direction via the pipe walls.

The process is controlled using a resistance thermometer so that the heat exchanger operation always takes place above the acid dewpoint. This takes place by mixing part of the extracted hot air with cooling air which effectively prevents any condensate formation. Any soiling occurring on the process gas side is removed by a mechanical system of cleaning chains.

Agglomerations which often form on piping walls with problematic flue gases do not therefore pose any problems for the exchanger system. The arrangement of the blocks to each other enables a compact, rational and spacesaving heat exchanger construction even if the exchanger surfaces are very large. Our manufacturing programme includes much more than just plate exchangers. Classical tube bundle exchangers are also designed, manufactured and fitted at Hellmich. The heat energy extracted can be used for many production processes or used for building heating.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • No moving parts in flue gas flow
  • No agglomeration on exchanger walls
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Compact, space saving construction



The technology

Flue gases flow through the exchanger blocks in a vertical direction, the cooling air is horizontal. During the process, the heat energy is transferred to the cooling air via the pipe walls. The heat exchanger construction guarantees safe separation of flue gases from the extracted hot air.

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