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To keep the air clean, we at Hellmich go one step further.


We design, manufacture and install ventilation systems such as: Ducts, chimneys, screw conveyors, exhaust air pipes, cyclones, platforms, steel constructions ...


DGF - Pneumatic vessel conveyor

The transport system is started up automatically once the dedusting equipment is operating, or by a reception silo request. The conveyed material is transported to the pressure vessel via conveying equipment (pipe screw conveyor, rotary gate valve or similar).

Turbo mill

In order to return the reaction product occurring after flue gas cleaning back to the raw material, we have developed a mill with which the reaction product can be crushed down to the necessary grain size of between 150 and 200 microns.

WT - Heat exchanger / heat recovery

The flue gas air heat exchanger works on the cross and counterflow principle. Flue gases flow through right-angled tubes built into the exchanger block, and in doing so pass their heat energy to the cold air flowing in the opposite direction via the pipe walls.

Pipelines, apparatus engineering, chimneys, steel construction

Hellmich offers a comprehensive all-round service.
We take care of everything you need to do with flue gas cleaning and dedusting technology. Thanks to our in-house production, we can react flexibly and quickly and fulfill almost all customer requirements.