Flue gas cleaning | Heat recovery


Aggressive gases damage operating resources and the environment in equal measure, resulting in costs and problems that can be avoided with the right technology.


We offer various solutions for the effective cleaning of process exhaust gases.

The cleaning and removal of inorganic pollutants is one of our core competencies.



FKA fluorine cascade absorber

The Hellmich fluorine cascade absorber is the standard solution for high fluorine and low chlorine and sulphur concentrations.

HKD-R technology

The application area of the Hellmich HKD-R is high SOx concentrations at simultaneous high HCL and/or high dust concentrations. This technology can absorb SOx, HCl, HF and dust.

SGA - Counterflow absorber

The counterflow absorber uses reaction chambers connected in series (cascade blocks) in contrast to the flooring cascade absorber.

RTO - Regenerative thermal oxidation / engineering

Flue gas cleaning for anorganic pollutants and the removal of hydrocarbons and NOx - just a few challenges which we can solve completely and reliably.

WT - Heat exchanger / heat recovery

The flue gas air heat exchanger works on the cross and counterflow principle. Flue gases flow through right-angled tubes built into the exchanger block, and in doing so pass their heat energy to the cold air flowing in the opposite direction via the pipe walls.