HKD-R technology

The application area of the Hellmich HKD-R is high SOx concentrations at simultaneous high HCL and/or high dust concentrations. This technology can absorb SOx, HCl, HF and dust. In this system, the necessary absorbent material is fed to the flue gas flow using a feeding system. The absorbent material is treated with water to increase the reaction capability. The reaction product is then separated in an in-line filter plant and removed. Needle felt of various qualities is used as a filter medium. To achieve optimal usage (saturation) of the absorbent material, a large proportion of the material is returned to the process after treatment. This results in a saturation level of up to 80% for the absorbent material! The selection of absorbent material is made depending on the type and concentration of the pollutant. If the flue gas temperature is above 260 °C, additional ambient air is mixed into it or the temperature is lowered by a heat exchanger.

Benefits at a glance:

  • high saturation level of absorbent material
  • can also be used at high HCI and/or dust concentrations
  • can be coupled to heat recovery systems

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