RTO - Regenerative thermal oxidation / engineering

Flue gas cleaning for anorganic pollutants and the removal of hydrocarbons and NOx - just a few challenges which we can solve completely and reliably. As your expert partner for environmental engineering, we can carry out the engineering of complete, turnkey flue gas cleaning systems.

This includes facilities for regenerative thermal oxidisation and SNCR/SCR facilities. This enables us not just to solve all the problems which are caused by an organic pollutants, but also to remove all the hydrocarbons and NOx from your facility flue gases safely at the same time as saving energy. Thanks to our modern 3-D CAD system, we are capable of implementing the engineering for steel structural components such as stairway towers, penthouses, reactors etc quickly, economically and reliably. This method enables us to carry out projects in the shortest possible time and therefore to guarantee on-time completion of your pollutant control equipment.

Benefits at a glance:

  • established system technology
  • short publication routes
  • considerable experience and expertise
  • one contact person

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