SGA - Counterflow absorber

The Hellmich aggregate bed counterflow absorber (SGA) is similar to the fluorine cascade absorber in its method of operation. The SGA reduces high SOx concentrations down to below 300 mg/Nm³. The counterflow absorber uses reaction chambers connected in series (cascade blocks) in contrast to the flooring cascade absorber. Since the absorbent areas are connected in series, the flue gases are fed through the absorbent material several times, which results in high absorbent process efficiency and a simultaneous reduction in contaminants.

The Hellmich SGA is specially designed for operation at higher temperatures. A man-made calcium carbonate granulate is used as a absorbent material. If sulphur dioxide levels are low, it is also possible to use conventional limestone chippings.

Benefits at a glance:

  • low operating costs
  • high absorbent usage
  • low-maintenance due to lack of moving parts in flue gas flow

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