FKA - Fluorine Cascade Absorber

The Hellmich fluorine cascade absorber is the standard solution for high fluorine and low chloride and sulphur concentrations.

The absorbent material, for example limestone chippings, is located in a silo on the absorber. The absorbent material trickles vertically out of the storage silo past the horizontally aligned cascades in the reaction chamber. During the process, acidic contaminants (HCl, HF, SOx) flow through the absorbent material and react with the limestone chippings. The saturated limestone chippings are collected in the unit hopper and removed either continuously or intermittently. A peeling drum increases the economic efficiency of the plant. The reaction product occurring can additionally be processed in a mill and further transported by pneumatic transport systems. Incorporation of the reaction product into tiles is possible for the heavy clay industry. Since no moving parts come in contact with the flue gas, there are as good as no heavily loaded wear parts.

Benefits at a glance:

  • simple and space saving compact construction
  • no moving parts in flue gas flow
  • inexpensive absorbent material available everywhere
  • up to 40% saturation of reaction medium
  • dry reaction product, i.e. easy handling
  • lower energy demand
  • as good as maintenance-free

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