HS-D - Central vacuum cleaner

The central vacuum cleaner from Hellmich is suitable for numerous applications in the industrial sector. The facility has a particularly high suction performance and easily removes a wide range of materials from quartz sand up to cocoa beans. This allows working areas or other soiled areas to be quickly and simply cleaned.

The dust extractor is also suitable for cleaning machines and equipment or other difficult-to-access locations on top of surfaces. A clean environment allows you to considerably reduce your upkeep costs. The equipment is fitted centrally. From the central point, a piping system of 100 mm diameter is routed through the entire works within a radius of 250 m, and suction connections can be installed where they are required. However, only 2 extraction locations can be operated simultaneously. The dust is collected centrally and then fed to the disposal system. The extremely high extraction capacity of the central vacuum cleaner guarantees that the entire plant can be cleaned rapidly and without problems. Use of the HS-D also pays for itself due to the considerably reduced time required for the actual meaning operation. A selection of nozzles optimally designed for the relevant requirements is available for the HS-D central vacuum cleaner.

Benefits at a glance:

  • high-powered
  • universally deployable
  • compact construction
  • low maintenance costs
  • reduces your upkeep costs

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